Rentals at NOCCA


We offer custom solutions for every client. In addition to the cost of space rental, keep in mind that you may need to budget for on-site personnel, including security, maintenance staff, custodial staff, technical help, a kitchen manager, and a site manager. Labor is generally charged at an hourly rate, with a four-hour minimum.

We also have a number of accessories to make your meeting, reception, or other event easier to organize. Those include

  • 99 folding chairs (white with reinforced steel legs and seat frames): $2.50 each
  • 8 high boys (stainless steel with telescoping columns): $9 each
  • 6 banquet tables (white with polyethylene plastic tops, 6’L x 30”W x 30”H): $7 each

If you rent Press Street Station, you will have access to the cafe tables and chairs at no additional charge. This includes 60 white indoor chairs, 14 wooden bar chairs, and 24 steel outdoor chairs.