Rentals at NOCCA


The following technical information applies to performance venues like Freda Lupin Memorial Hall, the Nims Black Box Theatre, and the Ellis Marsalis Jazz Studio.

NOCCA does NOT supply the following:

  • Any perishables: Including but not limited to color filters (gel), gaffer’s tape, paint or other perishable items.
  • Any tools: The renter is responsible for having all tools and equipment necessary for the installation, operation and strike of the production.
  • Any hardware: For rigging (including ropes, cables, etc) or for scenery (including hinges, door knobs, etc)
  • Use of Scenic Shop is not included in rental package.

NOCCA DOES supply the following:

  • Theatre spaces are cleaned and ready for renter. Renter agrees to return space to that clean state.
  • The lighting included with the rental consists of the house plot for each space except for one exception noted below. Detailed paperwork is available designating what is included in this plot. Renter agrees that if any fixtures are moved, they will be re-hung in their house plot location during strike. Any house color filters that were removed or replaced by the renter will be put back during strike.
  • Sound systems as designated in the house sound plot for each space.

Additional items:

  • Lupin Hall has 4 Clay-Packy Alpha Spot HPE 300 Moving Light fixtures permanently placed according to the Lupin house plot. They may not be moved to any other location. Use of these fixtures is not included in the general rental. These fixtures may be used if renter agrees to pay usage fee.
  • NOCCA may have other stage lighting fixtures available for rent. Renter agrees to take down and return to storage any rented equipment.
  • Lupin Hall has an Eiki LC-W4 video projector permanently mounted on the wall in back of the house which can be used to project on the cyclorama, the installed projection screen or any other surface as supplied by renter. A rental fee will be applied for use of this projector. Projector is set for centered and straight-on projection to the stage and therefore may not be physically adjusted at the mounting position.
  • NOCCA may have available for rent smaller projectors for use in Nims Black Box Theatre.
  • Additional sound equipment may be available for rent.
  • Lupin Hall has a full complement of legs, borders and cycloramas as noted on the Lupin house plot. These are considered permanently hung and will not be taken down or moved to different locations. NOCCA has for rent a full-stage black scrim for use in Lupin.
  • NOCCA has a 14’6” x 30’ sky blue cyc and black scrim for the Nims Black Box Theatre which may be available for rent.
  • Any damage to any rented soft good will require a full repair or replacement by renter.
  • Nims Black Box Theatre has moveable risers for audience seating. These risers are extremely labor intensive to move. If the renter finds it necessary to rearrange these risers, they will be placed back to their original designated locations during strike. The standard setup of these risers is indicated on the house light plot for Nims.