Rentals at NOCCA


Where can I find pricing for rentals?

Pricing can vary dramatically from event to event. Rental fees are determined not only by the space that you’re using, but also by your needs (e.g. audiovisual equipment, catering, etc.) and the labor required (e.g. security, custodial, etc.). Here’s a PDF that describes amenities and venue pricing for three of our more popular spaces: Press Street Station, 5 Press Gallery, and Press Street Gardens. We’re happy to answer questions about that or anything else you like–just drop us a line through our contact page.

Can anyone rent space on campus?

Generally speaking, yes! Send us an email to see if we can accommodate your event.

Do you offer discounts on rentals?

We do! Nonprofits with valid 501(c)(3) documentation from the IRS receive discounts, as do professional meeting planners and NOCCA faculty and alumni.

Do I need insurance?

As a rule, yes, we require insurance for all rentals. If you don’t have it, we can offer some suggestions on where to find affordable short-term policies.

What kind of availability do you have for venues?

Availability depends on which venue or venues you want to use. Those used by students and faculty are in high demand during the school year, especially toward the end of the fall and spring semesters — and of course, students and faculty have dibs on all spaces. So, if you want to use a space like Lupin Hall or the Nims Black Box Theatre, it’s best to aim for a rental over the summer or winter break, or very early in the semester. Also, because of the high demand, it’s difficult for us to arrange rentals of more than one week. If you want to run a performance or other event for more than one week, we encourage you to think about a rental during the summer or winter break.

On the other hand, venues like 5 Press Gallery, Press Street Station, and Press Street Gardens are public spaces, and they’re available throughout the year. Campus spaces like Solomon Family Hall aren’t typically used for performances and can often be rented in the evening or on weekends.

How far in advance should I book a venue?

Performance venues like Lupin Hall can book up six months or even a year in advance. Other venues — particularly public spaces like Press Street Station restaurant — are more flexible. Contact us to see what’s available during the time you’re looking to rent.

Can I have NOCCA students perform and/or cook for my event?

It’s a definite possibility. We find that student participation is much easier to confirm when school is in session. Since NOCCA trains students to earn their livings as professional artists, we also require that those who hire NOCCA students for events pay them at an appropriate rate.

What’s included in my rental?

When we quote a rental fee, we include not only the cost of using the space, but also custodial labor, security, technical needs, and other expenses. To make sure that your quote is accurate, be sure to give us as thorough a description of your event as you can. For example, having a clear idea of the start time and end time helps us estimate labor appropriately, and knowing the nature of your event helps us anticipate add-ons like tables, chairs, plates, and projectors that might’ve slipped your mind. Of course, we’re happy to give you a breakdown of all costs so you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Can I bring in a caterer of my choice?

Yes, you’re welcome to use an outside caterer. Keep in mind, however, that caterers have to provide proof of insurance, just as renters do.

Can you host weddings?

Absolutely — we love weddings and receptions. But most of all, we love cake!

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Sure thing. You’ll need to have an insurance policy that covers it, though, and you won’t be able to sell alcohol unless you’ve gotten the necessary permits from the City of New Orleans. We also ask that alcohol not be served in areas that students can access during class hours (until about 6:30pm on weekdays, when school is in session).